No More Excuses

Hello World, 

I’m finally launching my blog after years of putting it off (moment of vulnerability: for fear of failure), and my timing could not be more poignant. Today is my 7th day at home during the coronavirus quarantine. In the last week, we’ve all witnessed unprecedented adaptability. It’s a devastating time, for sure, but amidst the pain and chaos, many people and businesses have changed how they work… seemingly overnight. 

Let’s pause and reflect for a second. Literally, in less than a week, companies have adopted digital teaming tools and software, are offering paid leave to caretakers or employees who are not able to work remotely, and are thinking outside the box about what it means to contribute their products and services. Also… the canals of Venice haven’t been this clear in decades and China’s improved air quality is saving lives!?

There is and will be lots to learn from this moment, for better or for worse… but let us never again claim that change is impossible, especially in the workplace.

So, I’m hitting publish on my first ever blog post today because I’ve lost patience. We’ve proven that we can do better, that we can change the ways we work and relate to one another. No more excuses.

xo, Cath

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